Do you have a story to tell? AnOther Suburbia wants to hear it.

AnOther Suburbia is an oral history and theater project documenting LGBTQ+ and marginalized experiences in American suburbs. They are currently seeking volunteers from the Greater Boston Area to share their stories with our team.

AnOther Suburbia explores the diversity of race, sexuality, and gender expression in American suburbs and the unique experiences, identities, and communities that form in these areas. The team is interested in speaking with individuals who have had LGBTQ+ experiences or experiences of “otherness” and spent a meaningful part of their life in a suburb of Boston. Participants in this project may come from a variety of backgrounds, have a range of experiences, or identify in different ways. How they define “LGBTQ+,” “other,” and “suburb” are also up to them. AnOther Suburbia is interested in exploring the different ways people imagine these words and identities.

Participants in this project may come from different backgrounds, have a range of experiences, or identify in different ways. How you define “LGBTQ+,” “other,” or “suburb” is up to you. Through AnOther Suburbia, the team will document your stories, preserve them in a public digital archive, and ultimately, incorporate parts of interviews into a work of public-facing theater. Interviews will be conducted virtually (due to COVID-19) in August, September, and October 2020.

Interviewers will reach out to you personally if they are able to feature your story in this project. When selected, participating narrators will be provided official forms outlining consent and details of the project. They may not be able to feature all interested participants, but we sincerely appreciate all participants’ openness to sharing initial interest on this form.

If you have any questions about the project, please feel free to email AnOther Suburbia at: or visit the project web page at: